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“It’s Time For Us To Bury Our Love” 2014-2019


19.04.19 - 10.05.19

Ticket Info

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DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
19.04.19 Belgium Antwerp     Buy Ticket
20.04.19 Netherlands Eindhoven   Upgrade Buy Ticket
21.04.19 Germany Hannover     Buy Ticket
22.04.19 Germany Berlin     Buy Ticket
23.04.19 Poland Warsaw     Buy Ticket
24.04.19 Czech Rep Prague     Buy Ticket
25.04.19 Germany Wiesbaden     soldout
27.04.19 Italy Modena     Buy Ticket
28.04.19 Switzerland Aarau     Buy Ticket
29.04.19 Germany Munich     Buy Ticket
30.04.19 Germany Karlsruhe     Buy Ticket
01.05.19 Germany Nürnberg     Buy Ticket
02.05.19 Germany Hamburg     soldout
03.05.19 Germany Leipzig     Buy Ticket
04.05.19 Germany Köln     Buy Ticket
06.05.19 UK Nottingham     Buy Ticket
07.05.19 UK Bristol     soldout
08.05.19 UK Manchester     Buy Ticket
09.05.19 UK Leeds     soldout
10.05.19 UK London     soldout
11.05.19 UK London    2nd Show   Buy Ticket

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