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The Summer Of Binge & Purgatory 2017


16.06.17 - 28.07.17

Ticket Info

Where ticket links are listed these are provided for your convenience. You will be directed to the promoters ticket outlet of choice and you will be buying a ticket from the shows promoter ( via the ticket outlet), not from Avocado Booking.

DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
16.06.17 Germany Freiburg Crash   Buy Ticket
17.06.17 France Metz Monkey Show Free Entry  
18.06.17 France Clisson Hellfest Sold Out!  
19.06.17 France Paris Glazart   Buy Ticket
20.06.17 Germay Düsseldorf Zakk   Buy Ticket
21.06.17 Germany Kiel Schaubude   Buy Ticket
22.06.17 Germany Gräfenhainichen With Full Force Festival   Buy Ticket
23.06.17 Belgium Oostende Elysee   Buy Ticket
24.06.17 Netherlands Ysselsteyn Jera On Air   Buy Ticket
25.06.17 Germany Göttingen Exil   Buy Ticket
27.06.17 Germany Weinheim Cafe Central   Buy Ticket
28.06.17 Switzerland Meyrin-Genève Undertown   Buy Ticket
29.06.17 Switzerland Aarau Kiff Foyer   Buy Ticket
30.06.17 Germany Münster Vainstream Warm Up   Buy Ticket
01.07.17 Germany Giebelstadt Mission Ready Festival   Buy Ticket
02.07.17 Germany Losheim Reality Bites Festival   Buy Ticket
03.07.17 Germany Hannover Bei Chez Heinz   Buy Ticket
04.07.17 Germany Regensburg Airport   Buy Ticket
05.07.17 Czech Republic Hradec Kralove Rock For People   Buy Ticket
06.07.17 Austria Steyr Röda   Buy Ticket
07.07.17 Spain Viveiro Resurrection Festival   Buy Ticket
08.07.17 Austria Kapfenberg Overdrive Festival   Buy Ticket
09.07.17 Slovakia Bratislava Randal   Buy Ticket
10.07.17 Slowenia Ljubljana Gala Hala   Buy Ticket
11.07.17 Italy Padova Bahnhof   Buy Ticket
12.07.17 Italy Porto Sant'Elpido Bagni Pazzi Free Entry  
13.07.17 Germany Stuttgart Juha West   Buy Ticket
14.07.17 Belgium Herk De Stad Rock Herk   Buy Ticket
15.07.17 Germany Goldenstadt Afdreit Un Buten Festival   Buy Ticket
16.07.17 Germany Rostock Alte Zuckerfabrik   Buy Ticket
18.07.17 Poland Warsaw Hydrozagadka   Buy Ticket
19.07.17 Poland Wroclaw Carpe Diem   Buy Ticket
20.07.17 Germany München Backstage - Free & Easy Free Entry  
22.07.17 Germany Lindau Umsonst & Draussen Free Entry  
23.07.17 Germany Siegen Vortex   Buy Ticket
26.07.17 Israel Tel Aviv Gagarin   Buy Ticket
28.07.17 Germany Essen Nord Open Air Free Entry  
28.07.17 Germany Bausendorf Riez Open Air   Buy Ticket


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