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Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts


Deez Nuts


Spring Tour


05.04.18 - 24.04.18

Ticket Info

Where ticket links are listed these are provided for your convenience. You will be directed to the promoters ticket outlet of choice and you will be buying a ticket from the shows promoter ( via the ticket outlet), not from Avocado Booking.

DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
10.08.18 Belgium Ieper Ieper Hardcore Fest   Buy Ticket
11.08.18 Germany Torgau Endless Summer Open Air   Buy Ticket
12.08.18 Germany Lichtenfels Paunchy Cats   Buy Ticket
13.08.18 Poland Bielsko-Biała Rudeboy Club w/ Counterparts Buy Ticket
14.08.18 Slovakia Bratislava Kukturák w/ Counterparts Buy Ticket
15.08.18 Germany Töging am Inn Silo1 Musik&Kulturlokal w/ Counterparts Buy Ticket
16.08.18 Austria Innsbruck PMK w/ Counterparts Buy Ticket
17.08.18 Czech Republic Volyne Summer Punk Party   Buy Ticket
18.08.18 Germany Trier Summerblast   Buy Ticket
19.08.18 Switzerland Lenzburg Met Bar   Buy Ticket
20.08.18 Switzerland Bellinzona Peter Pan Club   Buy Ticket
21.08.18 Germany Aschaffenburg Colos Saal w/ Counterparts Buy Ticket
22.08.18 Day Off        
23.08.18 Germany Lindau Club Vaudeville w/ Sick Of It All Buy Ticket
24.08.18 Germany Göttingen Exil   Buy Ticket
25.08.18 Germany Sulingen Reload Festival   Buy Ticket
26.08.18 Netherlands Eindhoven Dynamo Basement   Buy Ticket
27.08.18 Germany Kiel Schaubude   Buy Ticket
28.08.18 Germany Rostock Alte Zuckerfabrik   Buy Ticket
29.08.18 Poland Warsaw Proxima w/ Madball Buy Ticket
30.08.18 Germany Cottbus Zum Faulen August   Buy Ticket
31.08.18 Germany Krefeld Kulturfabrik   Buy Ticket
01.09.18 Germany Bad Dürkheim Fallen Fortress Open Air   Buy Ticket
02.09.18 Germany Obererbach Pell Mell Festival   Buy Ticket