Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog


Dog Eat Dog


Spring Tour 2017


06.04.17 - 27.05.17

Ticket Info

Where ticket links are listed these are provided for your convenience. You will be directed to the promoters ticket outlet of choice and you will be buying a ticket from the shows promoter ( via the ticket outlet), not from Avocado Booking.

DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
06.04.17 Hungary Budapest A 38   Buy Ticket
07.04.17 Slovenia Lubljana Orto Bar   Buy Ticket
08.04.17 Croatia Zagreb Mochvara Club    
09.04.17 Bulgaria Sofia Mixtape 5   Buy Ticket
10.04.17 Austria Wien Viper Room   Buy Ticket
11.04.17 Germany München Backstage   Buy Ticket
12.04.17 Day Off        
13.04.17 Luxembourg Esch/Alzette Rockhal   Buy Ticket
14.04.17 Belgium Liege Reflector   Buy Ticket
15.04.17 Germany Düsseldorf Stone im Ratinger Hof   Buy Ticket
16.04.17 Germany Hamburg Kaiserkeller   Buy Ticket
17.04.17 Germany Berlin Musik Und Frieden   Buy Ticket
18.04.17 Germany Osnabrück Bastard Club    
19.04.17 Day Off        
20.04.17 Spain Mediterranean Sea Full Metal Cruise   Buy Ticket
21.04.17 Spain Mediterranean Sea Full Metal Cruise   Buy Ticket
22.04.17 Spain Mediterranean Sea Full Metal Cruise   Buy Ticket
23.04.17 Portugal Loulé Bafo de Baco   Buy Ticket
24.04.17 Portugal Lisbon RCA Club   Buy Ticket
25.04.17 Day Off        
26.04.17 Germany Nürnberg Z-Bau   Buy Ticket
27.04.17 Czech Republic Prague Rock Cafe   Buy Ticket
28.04.17 Czech Republic Strakonice KD Strakonice   Buy Ticket
29.04.17 Czech Republic Brno Čarodějáles   Buy Ticket
30.04.17 Czech Republic Chrudim R Klub   Buy Ticket
01.05.17 Poland Wroclaw Majowka    
25.05.17 Switzerland Solothurn Kofmehl    
26.05.17 Germany Mörlenbach / Weiher Live Music Hall    
27.05.17 Belgium Herenthout Clamotte Rock Festival