First Blood
First Blood


First Blood


European Summer Tour 2017


29.06.17 - 16.07.17

Ticket Info

Where ticket links are listed these are provided for your convenience. You will be directed to the promoters ticket outlet of choice and you will be buying a ticket from the shows promoter ( via the ticket outlet), not from Avocado Booking.

DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
29.06.17 Switzerland Aarau Kiff Foyer w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket
30.06.17 Slovenia Petisovci Tepih Na Paleti Festival   Buy Ticket
01.07.17 Germany Münster Vainstream   Buy Ticket
02.07.17 Germany Losheim Reality Bites Festival   Buy Ticket
03.07.17 Germany Hannover Bei Chez Heinz w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket
04.07.17 Germany Berlin Bi Nuu   Buy Ticket
05.07.17 Germany Dresden Konk Club   Buy Ticket
06.07.17 Austria Steyr Röda w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket
07.07.17 Serbia Novi Sad Exit Festival   Buy Ticket
08.07.17 Austria Kapfenberg Overdrive Festival   Buy Ticket
09.07.17 Slovakia Bratislava Randal Club w/ Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave Buy Ticket
10.07.17 Austria Wien Viper Room   Buy Ticket
11.07.17 Italy Padova Bahnhof w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket
12.07.17 Italy Porto Sant'Elpido Bagni Pazzi w/ Deez Nuts - Free Entry!  
13.07.17 Germany Stuttgart Juha West w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket
14.07.17 Germany Essen Walkabout Billard Hall   Buy Ticket
15.07.17 Germany Gera This Is Your Summer Time   Buy Ticket
16.07.17 Germany Rostock Alte Zuckerfabrik w/ Deez Nuts Buy Ticket