Norma Jean
Norma Jean


Norma Jean


Europe/Russia 2019


11.04.19 - 27.04.19

Ticket Info

Where ticket links are listed these are provided for your convenience. You will be directed to the promoters ticket outlet of choice and you will be buying a ticket from the shows promoter ( via the ticket outlet), not from Avocado Booking.

DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
11.04.19 Netherlands Haarlem Patronaat   Buy Ticket
14.04.19 Germany Saarbrücken Garage   Buy Ticket
20.04.19 Germany Leipzig Impericon Fest   Buy Ticket
21.04.19 Germany Hamburg Logo w/ Employed To Serve Buy Ticket
22.04.19 Germany Berlin Musik & Frieden w/ Employed To Serve Buy Ticket
23.04.19 Germany München Backstage w/ Employed To Serve Buy Ticket
24.04.19 Germany Karlsruhe Stadtmitte w/ Employed To Serve Buy Ticket
26.04.19 Russia Moscow Aglomerat   Buy Ticket
27.04.19 Russia St.Petersburg MOD   Buy Ticket

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