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Trade Wind
special guest:
Swain (on selected dates)


European Spring Tour 2017


29.04.17 - 07.05.17

Ticket Info

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DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
29.04.17 Belgium Merhout Goezrock   Buy Ticket
30.04.17 Germany München Impericon Festival   Buy Ticket
01.05.17 Germany Nürnberg K4 Zentralcafe w/ Swain Buy Ticket
02.05.17 Switzerland Aarau Kiff w/ Swain Buy Ticket
03.05.17 Germany Leipzig Naumanns w/ Swain Buy Ticket
04.05.17 Netherlands Eindhoven Dynamo   Buy Ticket
05.05.17 Germany Saarbrücken Keliner Club Garage   Buy Ticket
06.05.17 Germany Köln MTC   Buy Ticket
07.05.17 UK London Boston Music Rooms   Buy Ticket