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current tours

  • Acres support to Imminence
  • Afterlife
  • Afterlife
  • Alazka | Kingdom Of Giants | Rarity | Resolve
  • Archspire | Beneath The Massacre | Vulvodynia | Inferi
  • As I Lay Dying | Impericon Festivals 2020
  • Aviana | Strains
  • Dance With The Dead | Das Mörtal
  • Darkest Hour
  • Grave Pleasures support to Tiger Army
  • Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2019
  • Ingested
  • Ingested
  • King 810
  • Knocked Loose | Malevolence | Justice For The Damned | Renounced
  • Kublai Khan TX, Obey The Brave support to Lionheart
  • Nathan Gray
  • Normandie support to Dream State
  • Normandie support to The Faim
  • Northlane
  • Parkway Drive
  • Polar
  • The Amity Affliction support to Bearthooth
  • The NoSleep Podcast
  • Thy Art Is Murder
  • Toxic Holocaust support To Municipal Waste

about us

Avocado was founded by Ivonne Davies-Kreye and Marco Walzel in summer 1996, or better the summer of 1996 saw the very first shows we ever booked (as a favor for friends) which would lead to the very gradual birth of a full time booking agency.

Those shows we booked back then were the German dates for a San Diego based band named The Swing Kids (featuring Eric Alan from Unbroken and Justin Pearson from 31g records, The Locust and Some Girls).

One thing led to another and more and more bands kept asking us for help with their European Tours. With Europes DIY scene thriving and at its peak in the mid 90s we took on the task and ended up booking tours for bands such as 400 Years, The Locust, Kill Holiday, Assuck, Botch, Boy Sets Fire, Frodus, The International Noise Conspiracy, Separation, Jejune and many others.

Many things have changed since 1996, when there was no way for a Hardcore band to draw big audiences or make much money with what they were doing, some things for the better and possibly some for the worse.
We have booked literally hundreds of bands and tours since and things have changed for us too, and we have grown into a full time company with full time agents, administration and staff.

But the music and artists are still the most important thing to us and we never loose sight of that. We are a very determined and extremely hard working agency that involves itself very heavily with it’s bands,  and we’d like to think that this is why so many great bands continue to come back and work with us for their tours.