Fit For A King


Marco Walzel

EU/UK 2021

Fit For A King

+ special guests

Rescheduled to 2021
Please note: Previously purchased tickets will remain valid


DateCountryCityVenueAdditional InfoTicket
13.10.21 Germany Hannover     Buy Ticket
14.10.21 Germany Berlin     Buy Ticket
15.10.21 Germany Leipzig     Buy Ticket
16.10.21 Germany Karlsruhe     Buy Ticket
18.10.21 Germany München     Buy Ticket
19.10.21 Switzerland Aarau     Buy Ticket
20.10.21 Italy Milano     Buy Ticket
21.10.21 Austria Wien     Buy Ticket
22.10.21 Germany Nürnberg     Buy Ticket
23.10.21 Netherlands Eindhoven     Buy Ticket
25.10.21 UK Bristol     Buy Ticket
26.10.21 UK Manchester     Buy Ticket
27.10.21 UK Birmingham     Buy Ticket
28.10.21 UK Leeds     Buy Ticket
29.10.21 UK London     Buy Ticket
30.10.21 Germany Münster     Buy Ticket
31.10.21 Germany Köln     Buy Ticket
02.11.21 Germany Hamburg     Buy Ticket
03.11.21 Belgium Aarschot     Buy Ticket

Don’t let the world devour me.

Social media is hard when you have nothing coming up until late 2021. 😔

Largest first week numbers in our bands history. You’re all so amazing.