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Darkest Hour

Re-stocking the DIY merchandise store with some good stuff! We have these random color “send more beer” shirts up… https://t.co/RcTysWI5yA

Check out these amazing old photos from some of our first shows in 1995! Proof that John Henry had the Emo-shirt-… https://t.co/Y6hiAxTf25

Budapest we love you so much! Thank you for the years of support and faith! You know we will be back! After all - f… https://t.co/IF5agEnBYR

Only 2 days left! Had to get a quick banger tour tattoo here in Budapest at Black Moon Tattoo - to commemorate how… https://t.co/Y8aH972Olz

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out and supported this tour so far! It has truly been a blast! Proud t… https://t.co/P01x7h2fD9