Matthew Davies-Kreye

Agent/Social Media Manager


  • Avocado Booking
    Walzel,Davies-Kreye GbR
    Elvirastrasse 4 RgB
  • Munich
  • 80636
  • Germany


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FAQ - before you get in touch

Want to Book A Show ? PLEASE READ

We have a vast and well established roster of promoters we have been working with for a very long time, however we are continuously adding to that roster and wherever possible we are always happy to include new promoters.
If you want to book a show  please drop the respective agent an email (see artist page) and we'll be in touch in case we can offer you a date!
Please make sure you give your full details and some additional info (where do you want to promote the shows, venue , capacity and a ballpark offer).
We can not consider facebook messages!

Looking To Buy Tickets ?

Avocado does not operate a ticket outlet. Where available the links to the promoters chosen ticket outlet are given on each bands tour page for your convenience. Those tickets are sold by the shows promoter via an outlet of their choice. In case you have got any queries regarding those tickets please contact the relevant promoter or ticket outlet,  that’s whether you have questions regarding your purchase, how to purchase a ticket or any queries regarding  cancellationed shows and refunds etc.

If no ticket link is given you can usually find the outlet by simply googling for the band name, the word ticket and the city and venue you require tickets for ;)

Tour Posters

We do not store, sell or otherwise give away tour posters. Where surplus posters do exist they go out on tour with the respective bands and can be aquired at their merch table. Apart from our own personal archives we do not keep copies, so when they are gone they're gone for good. Sorry.

Seeking Representation ?

We do appreciate bands getting in touch, but please do keep in mind that we can only represent bands that have a decent touring history, fan-base  or some other reason that would make it likely that they can be booked a full tour with decent turnouts.
Having said that,we are always looking for new talent and you are welcome to send press packs to our office, however please note that we get a lot of mail and although we try we can not always get back to everybody who writes in, but if we think we could be of any help to you will definitely hear from us!

Job Vacancies and Internships

We greatly appreciate that you may be considering us as a potential beneficiary of your hard work but unless advertised on this web page we do not offer internships and we do not currently have any open job vacancies.